The hair dryer with the rotating brush of Bosch PHA 2302 Glamou. Red. Such thingummy to twist hair it won’t turn out in ringlets – nozzles are intended for laying. In drawing there is a design similar to the cooling button, and it is logical, after all the device is urged to set hair.

It isn’t simple cepillos as could seem initially, blowing air. The hair dryer with the turning brush often is used instead of nippers for hair, a fiber soft and can be cleaned necessarily. It is convenient because wavy ringlets turn out, and if necessary easily become straight. Be afraid to burn hair. Apply thermal laying at an urgent need.

Appearance of the hair dryer with the turning brush

The hair dryer reminds round cepillos. However not any device with a similar design belongs to the specified class. At some hair dryers the brush doesn’t rotate, bringing less conveniences. It is necessary to twist the handle manually from what the cord svivatsya. Inconveniently to use the similar hair dryer.

On the turning hair dryer four types of nozzles are issued. It:

  1. Traditional brushes of a brasha for a wave and straightening of hair.
  2. Curling tongs.
  3. The habitual flat comb having air pressurization.
  4. Steam generators.

The hair dryer with the turning brush

Feature of the turning hair dryers is availability of a styling. Along with drying hair are set, we receive the elementary hairdress. The model is good on sharp excesses of a lock – kroner where the wave is fixed at once by the cooling mode. As feature of hair stylers consider low cost. In the market, in principle, there are no 134 USD in this class of devices of model more expensively. At the same time the cost of traditional hair dryers guns reaches 1134 USD. A difference powerful, we will study functionality.

First of all, paid attention that the maximum time of continuous work isn’t specified in instructions. It means that the hair styler is used in the long mode or is supplied with protection against an engine overheat. Small chance that the producer doesn’t count on long use of the hair styler therefore holds back details. Ignorance of the mode to many hostesses helped to burn manual blenders already. If commercial use is supposed, the buyer isn’t obliged to warn about it, and the producer has the right to suspend guarantee maintenance if the fact is demonstrable.

Attention! Protection against an overheat is externally shown differently. The hair dryer is switched off, wait for full cooling. Click on the toggle-switch of switching off doesn’t yield desirable result.

The hair dryer with the turning brush of Rowenta Brush Active CF9220

The 1000 Watts hair dryer the turning Roventa, in a set two nozzles of “brash” of different diameter, 30 and 50 mm, with a ceramic surface, packed into protection covers are applied. Air blows from them on all surface. The motor and the compressor in the handle, turns out a big comb.

The hair dryer with the turning brush

Turning the Rowenta Brush Active CF9220 hair dryer hairbrush has the reverse mode: the nozzle turns in both parties. It is made for two reasons:

  1. For each party of the head the direction of rotation is provided opposite to twisting of hair at the movement of a hand with a brush from the head aside. Begin process from a root, having slightly reeled up a lock on a brush, and go down.
  2. If finally reels up ringlets on the mechanism, include a reverse, for disposal of a misfortune. It isn’t obligatory to use rotation. Sometimes it is conveniently simple to start up warm air.

It is allowed to remove a nozzle and on a trip, for example, to use exclusively the handle. There is a trellised opening, on the area smaller the diffuser or the concentrator of the typical hair dryer, but for the traveling purposes will be suitable. The direction of the movement is switched by two buttons on the handle. Near everyone the arrow is put, difficult to be mistaken. At deduction of the button the hair styler rotates.

For short hair it is allowed to use the second speed: the separate switch changes number of turns. But it is better to dry long locks more slowly. Mentioned that nozzles two. Smaller on diameter, will be suitable for giving to hair of easy curliness. Tolstaya, on the contrary, will straighten ringlets. The hairdress will look vozdushno and attractively. Extending along with the movement from the head the hair dryer with the turning nozzle down, we receive the real curls from hair. The spiral trajectory of a lock is formed.

The hair dryer with the turning brush

It is inconvenient that the first temperature condition is located further on the course of the handle of management, than the second. In the beginning there is a cooling. Often ladies don’t apply the last option necessary for fixing of a hairdress, for example, on krone. Pay attention that the same handle regulates also rotation speed. It turns out inconveniently. Roventa — the hair dryer with the turning brush — can heat poorly and slowly, or strongly and quickly.

Nozzles are easily put on with click, then are fixed by the special handle located on the end. Correctly the direction is specified by an arrow and an inscription of Lock, in addition — two badges:

  • the closed lock;
  • the opened lock.

Have to help in addition how to get a brush on the handle and to record. Inside two ionizers giving freshness to a hairdress. A number of the rotating Rowenta Brush Active 9220 hair dryers differ in that the fixing lock on the handle is located close to the socket for installation of a nozzle. The device costs 77 USD and has no nozzles, except the described. The simple turning hair dryer with minimum necessary options turns out.

The hair dryer with the rotating brush of Bosch PHA 2302 GlamouRed

The device reminds Rovent Brush Active CF9220, but has a capacity of 700 W. It means that the fan at it more slowly, not so fast heating. Shchetinki of a ceramic brush of the bigger size is moved away pressing of the lever for instant dumping of a ringlet.

The hair dryer with the turning brush

There is one speed and three temperature conditions, including cooling. The wireless mode isn’t present, words about air ionizers. It is felt that inexpensive model. The price makes 45 USD. From options a loop for suspension on a tack.

Quite good budgetary option!

BRAUN AS 530 MN hair styler

The device costs 54 USD and is supplied with three speeds of an obduv hot air, and, in any there is an opportunity to disconnect spirals. It is carried out by pressing of a ring gearshift and deduction in this situation down.

From unusual options function of generation of steam. At the beginning of work in a special cap with the removable filter it is necessary to gather waters from under the crane. Couple lasts for 3-5 minutes of continuous work. It allows to be engaged in hair dressing, without resorting to washing of the head. At the beginning of work it is necessary to put the switch on the special badge which is more to the left of figures to wait two minutes. Having finished use, pour out excess water of the tank.

Turning the BRAUN AS 530 MN hair styler differs from other in that it has hollow nozzles and are got on the axis fastening on the handle. Accessories three pieces:

  1. Brush cepillos big diameter.
  2. Brush cepillos small diameter.
  3. Volumizer for giving of volume to hair.

Unclear step is lack of a neutral. The device or works for emission of hot air, or for steam emission, or for cooling. The last takes place when the ring regulator is pressed down and keeps.

It is represented that such complexity in management can lead to failure of system, then there will be available only couple of the modes. However the option will be suitable for professionals if to equip the socket with the separate switch. Amazingly the fixing mode cold air joining works without looking, pressing a thumb the ring regulator of the turning hair dryer down. Commercial use, at validity, deprives of the right for guarantee maintenance.

The most popular stayler over the ocean

On one foreign as advertizing the site for 2014 as the most popular hair styler is called Conair SD8NP. Costs 40 USD, didn’t do without financial stimulation of information by the producer.

At the power of 1875 Watts this miracle of equipment is supplied with the air ionizer. Two installations of speed and temperature are available, we believe that are executed by the similar principle, as Rowenta Brush Active CF9220. And, though the device is called as staylery, difference from the turning hair dryer minimum. The handle reminds a huge hairbrush – which edge nozzles are put on.

Consumers over the ocean praise this “hair dryer” for ability rapidly to dry hair. Heaters inside ceramic, harm from them at least. Such thingummy to twist hair it won’t turn out in ringlets – nozzles are intended for laying. In drawing there is a design similar to the cooling button, and it is logical, after all the device is urged to set hair. The ice indifference in the West to these cheap devices surprises. Any decent review wasn’t!


It is worth buying the hair dryer with the turning brush to the girls who are all the time on the way. It is quite good and cheap replacement to ordinary models. Is admissible to use a number of models and without nozzle. And it is additional economy of a place in a traveling bag if only the socket appeared nearby.