To set hair by means of a round produvny brush absolutely simply. Versions. The brush for hair dressing can be not only useful, but also harmful if it is illiterate to choose it.

Any woman now doesn’t do without laying of a head of hear. Special hairbrushes can become reliable assistants in this case. In a combination with the hair dryer they serve as a fine substitute of irons and curling irons, and harm thus ringlets receive much less. However to choose the tool, suitable for concrete type of hair, not so simply. It has to carry out the direct tasks, and thus not injure a lock. We will consider features and kinds of production.

Features and appointment

The qualitative hairbrush for laying is a multipurpose and convenient adaptation which will allow you to do a different hair. With its help it is possible to create beautiful waves or to straighten locks, to give them volume at roots and to twist tips outside or inside.

The Brashing is suitable as well for usual combing. Girls with long, average and short hairstyles can use it. The round hairbrush reminds the cylinder on which teeth are located in a form. It has openings on the case that allows air to circulate freely, without overheating a lock.

Application secrets

To set hair by means of a round produvny brush absolutely simply. It will allow to give caret volume, to make more impressive edges of the cascade, to clean splendor or to twist beautiful romantic ringlets. It is necessary to use the tool on such algorithm:

We give fingers to a hairdress the form or we comb a brush, if necessary we consolidate result a varnish.


The brush for hair dressing can be not only useful, but also harmful if it is illiterate to choose it. It is correct to decide on type of a product the assessment of such indicators as length of locks, their density, rigidity, the general state will help. It is important that drying and creation of a hairdress did the minimum harm to a head of hear.

We will consider, on what signs tools differ.


The scooter size – one of the major criteria. Depends on it, for you laying will be how convenient, and what results will manage to be reached. Big diameter is ideally suited for alignment of long hair and creation of easy soft waves. It is irreplaceable when processing a dense head of hear.

Short and average length it is simplest to set hair brushes of small diameter. Also they will be suitable for creation on locks of curls. It is desirable to have such accessory in an arsenal to owners of any hairdresses as it perfectly is suitable for giving to splendor roots.

Covering types

That depends on this factor, the tool how carefully will affect ringlets, and what additional properties it possesses. Modern materials provide ideal sliding of hairs between bristles and teeth, remove a static stress from ringlets and their electrizations interfere.

Brush for hair dressing – kinds of a hairbrush and methods of use, the rule of a choice of models It is possible to choose a brush among such options:

  1. The ceramic. The most popular type of a covering which provides uniform heating of a brush from the hair dryer, promotes free sliding of locks and prevents them an overheat.
  2. The wooden. Most often such brushes are equipped with a natural rigid bristle which provides careful disentangling of ringlets and removes from them electric charge. Will be suitable for owners of a curly and voluminous hair.
  3. The tourist’s crimson. Modern material protects ringlets from a peresushivaniye and holds in their moisture. When heating he creates negatively loaded ions and evenly distributes them on all head of hear that prevents electrization even in winter time.
  4. The carbonic. One more innovative covering which gives to bristles the additional sliding properties. Very carefully untangles locks, without pulling out them. Will suit owners of ringlets, weakened, brittle and inclined to loss.
  5. The plastic. The only plus of such product – low cost. However it quite aggressively affects hairs, accumulates a static stress, can exhale an unpleasant smell of fake plastic when heating.

Metal brush – too not the most suitable option for frequent application. Metal very quickly and unevenly gets warm from what locks can melt.


Quantity, length and quality of teeth – factors on which it is necessary to pay special attention at a choice. They can be made of plastic, a tree, nylon. Also also the combined models, and completely natural where instead of teeth bristle bunches are used meet.

Brush for hair dressing – kinds of a hairbrush and methods of use, the rule of a choice of models Natural tools are much safer in application, they carefully affect ringlets and head skin, prevent electricity and smooth scales of cuticles. However it is difficult to look after them and it is necessary to change to a thicket. Such products will suit owners of a limp and lifeless hair. It is desirable that teeth were soft and long, they will allow to comb a head of hear, without injuring it.

Nylon and plastic – synthetic materials, but they cope with suppression of the disobedient curling locks better.

Korotkovolosy ladies should choose models with rigid frequent teeths, and brashing with the combined bristle will be suitable for owners of long hair.

Other features

To set hair quickly and qualitatively, it is necessary to pay attention to all features of the tool. First of all, study assembly – the case shouldn’t rotate round an axis, differently will difficult cope with a hairbrush. Existence of the pointed edges and badly glued details guards, such products aren’t suitable for work with a head of hear.

You watch that the handle was ergonomic, it has to lie conveniently in a hand and not overheat during drying.

Perfectly models with silicone inserts will approach, they prevent sliding of a brush. The bottom can be equipped with a thin edge by means of which it is convenient to do a hair parting or to separate locks from each other.

Hair styler

It is necessary to bring electric devices which allow to create laying with comfort in separate category. In fact, it is the hair dryer with a removable nozzle in the form of a round brush. It can have a different covering and diameter, cloves are almost always made of heat-resistant plastic or strong silicone.

By means of the device it is possible at the same time both to dry, and to stack locks, without using additional tools. In some models of a brush turn round its pivot-center, these products are ideally suited for a wave. Uniform having blown and the podkruchivaniye will allow to make beautiful ringlets quickly.

Review of models

In the market professional and household products for drying and laying are presented. They differ in the cost, materials of the case and teeth and other characteristics. We studied responses of consumers about the brashingakh and made for you the list of the most popular models.


The round brashing, is issued in the different diameters therefore will suit a head of hear of any length. Has the strong plastic case, the ergonomic rubberized handle. It is equipped with plastic cloves with the rounded edges and a nylon bristle.

It is good for work with normal and disobedient locks. Combs hair quite carefully, well untangles them. The only lack of the tool – accumulation of static electricity on locks.

Olivia Garden

The brand of professional production for care of ringlets offers convenient and high-quality tools for laying. The Brashing has the wooden handle which doesn’t heat up on operating time and well lies in a hand. In spite of the fact that bristles are made of nylon, hair aren’t magnetized as the working surface has an antistatic covering.

Excellent option for alignment of long disobedient locks. Well untangles hairs, gives them fantastic resistant volume, doesn’t spoil ringlets. Is suitable for daily application.

Brush for hair dressing – kinds of a hairbrush and methods of use, the rule of a choice of models Lack of model is its high price in comparison with products a massmarket – the hairbrush will cost approximately 14 USD.


Completely natural professional brushes which have special success in consumers. It are equipped not only a qualitative safe bristle, but also the tank for use of the looking after oil. The tool does combing and drying by the hair dryer the most useful to locks.

The brush is used for creation of radical volume, a wave of easy locks and a podkruchivaniye of hair on tips. It berezheno treats a head of hear therefore will be suitable for work with ringlets, weakened, thin and inclined to loss.

Tangle Teezer

Brush for hair dressing – kinds of a hairbrush and methods of use, the rule of a choice of models The brush is innovative development. It has flexible, but at the same time strong cloves which well untangle locks, don’t electrify them, don’t pull out and don’t injure. It is possible to apply without fears at problems with a head of hear.

The brashing is suitable for combing of wet hair that you won’t tell about other models. He will allow to cope with very curling, hard, unruly, long and fine hair. The price of a product fluctuates around 2 14 USD, but it is completely justified.

Marlies Moller

The Swiss brand lets out professional hairbrushes which are suitable for saloon and house application. They are equipped with ergonomic handles that webs was the most convenient for you. Mix of a natural and nylon bristle allows to reach smart volume even on thin short ringlets.

Will be to the taste to girls who like to care of the locks and don’t wish to devote to laying much time. The tool differs in convenience in application and durability. And here it is necessary to pay for it about 3 17 USD.


That brushes served you as it is possible more long, it is necessary to look after them carefully. Otherwise, it is necessary to change hairbrushes very often as over time their teeth get out of elasticity and a shape. Such rules will help to prevent it:

Change a hairbrush of times in 6 months. Bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms which can cause problems with head skin and hair gather on it over time.


To do laying by means of a special hairbrush – simply and quickly, many modern girls were convinced of it. However that process brought to ringlets the maximum benefit, it is necessary to know how it is correct to choose a brashing and to use it.

Carrying out a professional advice, you will be able to keep health of the head of hear and always to sport with beautiful hairdresses.

Author of article: Dasha Pashchenko

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